Harrisburg International Airport has two easy and affordable parking options. Close proximity to the terminal makes these onsite parking facilities great for travelers heading out of town and for those picking up passengers on return flights.

Hourly/Daily Garage Parking
An ideal parking choice for travelers on short trips, or for those picking up someone on a return flight!

Hours: Open 24 hours/day - 7 days/week

Hour(s) Rates*
0-30 Min. $2.20
31 Min.-1 Hr. $4.40
Per Day $20.00

Garage clearance is 8 (eight) feet.

Long-term/Economy Parking Lot
An economical parking choice for those heading out of town for a couple of days or for an extended stay!

Hours: Open 24 hours/day - 7 days/week

Hour(s) Rates*
0-30 Min. $2.20
31 Min.-1 Hr. $4.40
Per Day $9.50
Per Week $66.50

*Rates include a 10% school district tax. All Major credit cards accepted.

Shuttle Schedule: This lot is served by shuttle buses that are fully accessible to those who are physically challenged. HIA Parking shuttle buses run approximately every 10 minutes, 24-hours a day from the numbered shelters in the Long-term/Economy lot to the terminal and back. Shuttle drivers are happy to help you with your luggage if you request assistance!

Payment Methods
Airport patrons have three convenient ways to pay for parking services.

  1. Pay the cashier at the time of exit from the Hourly/Daily parking garage or Long-term/Economy lot.
  2. Pay-On-Foot (Pre-Pay) allows for payment at one of the machines located in the baggage claim or at the end of the Skybridge. The machines accept all major credit cards. Please note when using this payment method that you have 20 minutes to exit the Hourly/Daily parking garage from the time of pre-payment or if you have parked in the Long-term/Economy lot you have 45 minutes to exit before additional charges are incurred. Please avoid using the Pay-On-Foot machines if ticket is folded or in any way damaged.
  3. Credit Card In/Credit Card Out permits you to insert your credit card at the time of entrance to the Hourly/Daily parking garage or Long-term/Economy parking lot instead of taking a ticket. Use the same credit card at the time of exit in the unstaffed lane for a quick and efficient exit.

Ticketless Credit Card Express Customers
Pay with your credit card and minimize the hassle of waiting in line the next time you park at HIA! It's a quick and convenient alternative payment form! Try it on your next visit.

Enter: Insert Credit Card
Park: No Ticket Needed
Exit: Insert the Same Credit Card at Exit, Take Receipt & Exit

Parking for the Physically Disabled
Parking for the physically disabled is available in all parking lots at the rates listed above. Wheelchairs are available by making prior arrangements with your airline.

For more information on airport parking at Harrisburg International Airport,
please call (717) 948-5901.